The best that Miura has to offer. A feast of delights.

All you can eat buffet with dishes offering a rich selection of seasonal ingredients.
Sushi and steak corner allows you to watch the chef cooking your food in front of your eyes.
Enjoy the unique Maholova Minds eating style. The photos are just an example of the dishes we offer.


Dinner & Breakfast Buffet

The best Miura has to offer in a rich and varied, all-you-can-eat experience. Create smiles all round, full hearts as well as gourmand delight. We love nothing more than hearing our guests say, "We'll come again soon!" Morning buffet is a wonderful moment for contemplation, faced with plates stacked with fresh fruit, as you choose what to eat next. How many years has it been since you ate this much for breakfast? Please enjoy the buffet of Maholova Minds Miura.
*In the winter of dinner buffet this snow crab is also all you can eat.
*The photos are just an example of the dishes we offer.


Japanese style restaurant Hanakazura, restaurants mary gold Annex restaurant Yamamomo,Main banquet hall Sakamiduki *It depends on the dates and season

Meal Times

Breakfast Buffet 6:45 - 10:00
Dinner Buffet 17:30 - 22:00
*Breakfast buffet, dinner buffet stayed bidder subject, or will be prior appointment.


Japanese traditional, Japanese-style cuisine kaiseki

Japanese-style foods kaiseki well selected by master chef Haraguchi who was has been appointed a Japanese-style food cuisine coach by the Japan Ryokan & Hotel Association. We offer a seasonal menu. The restaurants are "Hanakazura" or Japanese cuisine "Tensho." (The place changes daily.) *The photos are just an example of the dishes we offer.


Fresh stuff directly delivered from fishing harbors in Miura Peninsula

Enjoy delicious seafood of Miura Peninsula. The sushi kaiseki course has an excellent reputation for fresh foods. Please enjoy not only hand-rolled sushi but also various seasonal tastes.
The seated sushi menu offers not only expertly made sushi, but also allows you to enjoy a variety of different seasonal dishes.
*The photos are just an example of the dishes we offer.


Taste of teppanyaki highlights the chef's skills

The sizzling sound of the steak, the quick movements of the knife, the cheerful music and witty conversation with the chef; now this is indeed a resort.
The steak menu allows you to relax and enjoy the perfect blend of the flavor of the best ingredients and the skill of our chef. *The photos are just an example of the dishes we offer.


Inside Restaurant Hanakazura, located in front of the south elevator on Main Building 1F

Meal Times

Evening Meal 17:30 - 21:30 (Last Order 21:00)
* Reservations taken for dining from 18:00~
* Please make reservations well ahead of time as seats are limited.