Natural hot spring where you can enjoy in your swimsuit
-Rich hot spring bathing facility with 25m pool and training gym-

One and only one natural hot spring in the Miura area in Kanagawa where you can enjoy in your swimsuit! One attraction of Maholova is KUAPARK!
Everyone in your group, adults, children, boyfriends and girlfriends can enjoy together!


Guide on usage fees

Lodger: Adult fee (Junior high school student or older) 1,080 yen/child fee (elementary school children or older) 756 yen/ preschooler 300 yen
Day trip: Adult fee (Junior high school student or older) 2,700 yen/child fee (elementary school children or older) 1,890 yen/ preschooler 300 yen

Guide on facility open hours

Weekdays, Fridays, days before national holidays from 9:00 to 21:30/Saturdays from 8:00 to 21:30
Sundays, national holidays from 8:00 to 21:30
Wellness club:From 9:00 to 22:00 (final entry time 21:00)

Relaxation in a satisfying hot spring
bathing facility, Spa KUAPARK

Steam bath and individual wooden sauna cubicles offer effective relaxation and are very popular among women.
You can enjoy a relaxing beauty effect in a natural hot spring.
Offers rich variation such as a regular air bubble bath, waterfall shower and lie down bath.
Families, couples and groups can enjoy together in the wide KUAPARK.

Bathing hoursApprox. 5 to 10 minutes


Do not miss this if you visit the hot spring!

Sauna bathing provides various effects such as improvement in blood circulation by thermal stimulus, beauty detox effect by excretion of bodily waste and fatigue substance and recovery of autonomic nerve and hormone balance. Let’s work up a good sweat for your health!

Air bubble bath
Bathing hoursApprox. 4 to 6 minutes

2Air bubble bath

Exceptional massage effect!

Bubbles collide with each other in hot water and generate vibration and then heat your entire body completely. Because it has a high thermal effect and air bubbles are very comfortable, a relaxing effect is obtained and there are also exceptional effects on recovery from fatigue and stress release!

Changing hot spring
Bathing hoursApprox. 4 to 6 minutes

3Changing hot spring

Weekly changing enjoyable bath

“Changing hot spring” changes colors weekly as an enjoyable bath. Medicinal water carefully selected by KUAPARK staff is available for effect and efficacy of traditional medicinal bath, local specialty, raw squeezed fruit bath and aromatic bath etc., according to weather and conditions at that time.

Waterfall shower
Bathing hoursApprox. 2 to 3 minutes

4Waterfall shower

Regularly effective for stiffness and aches!

Waterfall shower has massage effect and is effective for shoulder stiffness, backache, tired muscles and stress. It is best to adjust the distance from the ejecting place and be exposed at a place where it is comfortable for you.

Care bath (individual room)
Bathing hoursApprox. 5 to 10 minutes

5Shakudan(Bedrock bath)

Natural therapeutic stones will warm you up from the depths of your body.

There are a total of 12 beds here. Four kinds of therapeutic stone (kosui, tourmaline, black germanium and horyoku) will gradually warm your body. Please use this facility while still wearing your swimsuit. You can also use this facility by laying down the towel you have brought with you.
*This facility cannot be used by those under junior high school age.

Available hours 10:00~14:00, 15:00~20:30
(Cleaning takes place between 14:00 to 15:00)
Jacuzzi (douche bath)
Bathing hoursApprox. 3 to 5 minutes

6Jacuzzi (douche bath)

Comfortable and gracious douche bath

When you are in the bath, pressure is actually being applied more than you feel, but the Jacuzzi will increase the water pressure. Blood at the terminal ends of the body where blood flows easily becomes stagnant is also allowed to flow.

Lie down bath
Bathing hoursApprox. 3 to 5 minutes

7Lie down bath

Taking a hot spring bath while lying down! Ultimate relaxation!

Lie down in shallow and tepid water, and float your body for a few minutes. Lie down bath will relax your entire body is a bathing method which offers high relaxation and a blood circulation promotion effect.

Exercise bath
Bathing hoursApprox. 3 to 5 minutes

8Exercise bath

Best to promote blood circulation! Exercise in water!

A reduced load is applied to leg and loins, and calories can be consumed by exercising in water. Compensate for a daily lack of exercise! Also effective in preventing and improving lifestyle diseases, backache and joint ache!

Mist sauna (steam bath)
Bathing hoursApprox. 3 to 5 minutes

9Mist sauna (steam bath)

For elimination of nerve pain and for dieting effect!

Steam bath eliminates nerve pain and provides a dieting effect as the perspiration function revitalizes metabolism. Cilium (hairlike process) in the respiratory passage is stimulated and reproduction of mucosa is promoted by slowly inhaling steam from the mouse. Steam bath is said to have effects to relieve bronchitis and asthma.

Jet bath
Bathing hoursApprox. 3 to 5 minutes

10Jet bath

Stimulates skin to promote blood circulation!

Generated water flow has massage effect to stimulate skin and promote blood circulation. It also has a beauty effect and is optimal for prevention of chills after a bath and recovery from fatigue.

Jet bath

11Foot Pressure Point Walk

Stimulate the pressure points on your feet while you walk!

It is said that the soles of your feet are like a second heart. They are home to a number of important pressure points, including one for your head on your big toe, for your neck at the base of your big toe, and more for your internal organs and body as a whole as you move from your toes back to your heel. Stimulating the pressure points on your feet as you walk is said to improve blood circulation, enhance organ function, relieve muscle stiffness, and promote recovery from fatigue.

Jet bath

12Cool Room

Give your body a chance to cool down

The Cool Room is a small air-conditioned room. Stimulation due to temperature difference is said to activate the adrenal gland, which promotes the secretion of adrenocortical hormones that help your body combat allergies.

Body shower
Bathing hoursApprox. 3 to 5 minutes

13Body shower

Take a shower over the entire body!

Take a shower over the entire body and relax!

Rinsing water, shower
Bathing hoursApprox. 3 to 5 minutes

14Rinsing water, shower

Take a shower before and after bathing

Take a shower for a few minutes before bathing and warm your body. Completely rinse off your body after bathing.


Wellness zone

Eliminate lack of exercise in 25m pool and training gym,
and also use water exercise with less load on your body.
It’s up to you to enjoy mild exercise and exercise along with a program proposed by an instructor!

25m pool

125m pool

Eliminate lack of exercise in 25m pool!

Enjoy walking and swimming in water where the body is lighter than on land and loads on legs and loins are reduced.

Training gym

2Training gym

Aerobics exercise using various machines!

There is a wide variety of full-scale training machines including running machines. You can use those machines while listening to music and enjoying conversation with your friends.



Enjoyably challenge programs together with all!

Enjoy exercise with friends, family and as couples! Many programs are available. It is also enjoyable to challenge various programs from the beginner’s course to the advanced course!