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Japanese 簡体 繁体

Welcome to Tokyo Bay Resort
Hotel Maholova

Resort hotel where you can enjoy a seasonal buffet and authentic Japanese cuisine. All guest rooms offer an ocean view. High quality natural hot spring rises from 1,500m underground. Enjoy the natural hot spring “KUAPARK” you can enjoy in your swimsuit. With convenient accessibility from central Tokyo, allow us to guide you to your accommodations, Maholova Minds Miura.

Guest Room

Offering a super view of Tokyo Bay, with wide and luxurious space for relaxation

The Main Building Guest Rooms all have ocean views, and are elegantly decorated.
The Annex rooms offer extremely reasonable rates and offer a variety of decors.
The highlight is watching the sun rise at dawn right outside your window.


The best that Miura has to offer. A feast of delights.

All you can eat buffet with dishes offering a rich selection of seasonal ingredients. Sushi and steak corner allows you to watch the chef cooking your food in front of your eyes. Enjoy the unique Maholova Minds eating style. The photos are just an example of the dishes we offer.


The best Miura has to offer in a rich and varied, all-you-can-eat experience. Create smiles all round, full hearts as well as gourmand delight. We love nothing more than hearing our guests say, "We'll come again soon!" Morning buffet is a wonderful moment for contemplation, faced with plates stacked with fresh fruit, as you choose what to eat next.

Japanese-style foods kaiseki

Japanese-style foods kaiseki well selected by master chef Haraguchi who was has been appointed a Japanese-style food cuisine coach by the Japan Ryokan & Hotel Association. We offer a seasonal menu. The restaurants are "Hanakazura" or Japanese cuisine "Tensho." (The place changes daily.)

Sushi kaiseki

Enjoy delicious seafood of Miura Peninsula. The sushi kaiseki course has an excellent reputation for fresh foods. Please enjoy not only hand-rolled sushi but also various seasonal tastes. The restaurants are "Hanakazura" or Japanese cuisine "Tensho." (The place changes daily.)

Teppanyaki (Grill) corner

The sizzling sound of steak, the quick movements of the knife, the cheerful music and witty conversation with the chef; now this is indeed a resort. The restaurants are "Hanakazura" or Teppanyaki Corner "Tachibana."

Hot Spring

High quality natural hot spring rises from 1,500m underground.

High quality natural hot spring water that wells up from 1,500m underground will make your skin smooth and supple.
An open-air bath with alternating times for men and women allows you to enjoy the complete Japanese resort experience.


Natural hot spring Spa resort KUAPARK & heated pool you can enjoy in your swimsuit

Adults and children in families and groups can enjoy!



Miura City

Miura City is located in an easy to access area from the city center and coexists with the sea. It encompasses a beach along the Miura coast, which is one of the largest beaches in the Kanto Region as well as the broad backdrop of its fishing harbor. You will enjoy the full blessings of the land and sea including delicious seafood and spectacular sunsets.


Yokosuka City

Yokosuka City is a waterfront that represents Kanagawa Prefecture, located at the mouth of Tokyo Bay supporting the distribution of goods in the Tokyo metropolitan area and serving as the location for the bases of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and the U.S. Navy. The city has many recreational spots where people can make contact with the sea, such as “Umikaze-no-Michi” paved along the coastline.


Kamakura City

Kamakura City is famous as the land of the Kamakura Shogunate that was opened by Minamoto no Yoritomo around the end of 12th century. In the ancient city of Kamakura, there are many temples and shrines, that will fascinate you. Many people visit this city to stroll in its streets, shop in its stores of Japanese fancy goods and relax in its cafes.


Yokohama City

Yokohama City has many spots ranging from the exotic to a pure Japanese atmosphere. Especially, in the Minato Mirai area, there are amusement facilities and shopping spots crowded with many people.